Product Safety Alert Holiday Gift Daily #49

Product Safety Alert – Holiday Gift Daily #49

Traditionally, the end of the year is a time of conviviality and togetherness. Giving presents is an undeniable part of this. But what should you pay attention to when it comes to the safety of these presents? There are still many unsafe products on offer. You do not want your loved-ones to be hurt.

Launch Toygun

Today we draw your attention to a red toy gun and a blue toy gun. They have a black handle and are made of plastic. The certification number is CB061R2170-7002A. Each package contains three bright orange plastic darts that can be launched forward. These toy guns came to the attention of the authorities in Republic of Korea.

  • Contents of phthalate plasticizer exceeding the allowable level by 202.3 times.
  • Measured area: Rubber dart (Bright and clear orange)
  • Measured value: DEHP 6.006 %, DBP 12.106 %, DINP 2.12 % (total content is 20.23 %)
  • Allowable level: Total contents of phthalate plasticizer not exceeding 0.1%

There is a risk of liver and kidney impairment if exposed to phthalate plasticizer. The darts with these guns contain over 200% more of this substance than the maximum allowable level. The substance was not found on the other products under the same model.

This product was withdrawn from the market and we advice consumers that have already purchased this product to cease using it and contact the dealer or retailer where it was bought.

Product Safety Alert - Launch Toygun |
Product Safety Alert – Launch Toygun | Photo source: Global recalls OECD

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This is just an example of a product safety alert about toys and other items and their hazards that you need to be aware of. Millions of products have been recalled this year. Here's a video from the US Consumer Reports on how to protect yourself and your family. With our Holiday Gift Daily we will continue to follow the news on Product Safety and we will continue to keep you informed.